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A Better Understanding Of Your Medicare Plan.

Have you recently enrolled in Medicare or are looking to enroll now?

Regardless of your situation, it is very important to understand what is offered by your Medicare plan. There are several options on how you get your healthcare coverage under Medicare.

Getting a basic understanding of what each type of plan covers can be a challenge. We find that many people pay too much for healthcare simply because they do not have a full understanding of how to use the coverage in their plan or are on the wrong type of plan for their individual situations.

Many people are also unaware of some of the additional money-saving benefits included in their plan that they never take advantage of. This is why meeting face to face with your local medicare insurance agent annually to review your coverage is a wise decision.

Enrollment In Medicare For The First Time.

Learning the ins and out of your coverage can be confusing and take up a lot of your time when you enroll in Medicare for the first time. Some basics to keep in mind are that you can:

  • Opt for original Medicare Parts A and B.

  • You can choose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan also known as Part C.

  • You can also make the choice of enrolling in a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

We suggest you contact a local insurance agent who specializes in Medicare insurance plans to help you navigate this complicated system.

What to consider when enroll in the Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C)

There are various things that may impact your coverage and services provided to you when it comes to the Medicare Advantage Plan. Provided below is a list of things you should do to help you make a more informed and beneficial decision.

  • You should review and learn how your plan covers hospitals and medical items from Medicare Parts A and B.

  • Examine the list of prescription drugs made available to you under the plan, and make sure that the medication you use is covered.

  • Review unique benefits provided by each plan. Such benefits may include hearing, vision, dental care, fitness, nursing hotlines and more.

  • Review the plan’s provider network to confirm which of your doctors are in the network and which hospitals and facilities are in-network. Some of the plans offer a national network which is important if you travel.

What to consider when enroll in the Medicare Supplement Plan (Part D)

Various things may impact your coverage and services provided by the Medicare Supplement Plan. Provided below is a list of things you should do to help you make a more informed and beneficial decision.

  • Review how the Medicare Part A (hospitals) and Medicare Part B (medical) work and which health care items each of the plan provides.

  • Look at how the cost and pricing structure work with both Parts A and B.

  • If you have a Medigap plan, make sure you understand how your Medigap plan helps you in covering some of the out of the pockets costs.

  • Prescription Drugs are NOT covered by a Medicare Supplement Plan. So, in addition to a Medigap plan you will need a separate Prescription Drug Plan.

Don’t have a local Medicare insurance agent?

Understanding the health care coverage that is provided by your Medicare plan is critically important to your finances and your health.

We are Independent Insurance Brokers, specifically trained in Medicare Insurance. We have been appointed by most of the major insurance carriers. We can help you find the best policy for your individual situation. We work with clients in Winchester, VA, Strasburg, VA, Martinsburg, WV, and Charles Town, WV.

Contact us today at (540) 662-4432 to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our Insurance agents or simply visit our website to obtain more information.

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