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Should I Still Apply For Medicare If I'm Still Working?

Do You Need To Sign Up For Medicare Before You Retire? The Quick Answer Is: Maybe

Our staff specializes in Medicare Insurance plans. We help clients in Winchester, VA, and Martinsburg, WV find the best Medicare health coverage for their situation.

Before you do anything about enrolling in Medicare, you need to talk with your employer. You need to understand if your employer insurance qualifies as creditable coverage that could allow you to delay Medicare, as well as find out how Medicare and your employer coverage may work together. In some cases, your employer coverage will enable you to put off Medicare enrollment, and in other instances, you may be required to take full Medicare benefits at age 65 even if you continue working.

Your Employer’s Size Matters:

If your employer has 20 or more employees, you don’t have to enroll in Medicare if you don’t want to. Your employer’s group plan is the primary payer, which means they pay first on any healthcare bills you have. You can delay enrollment into Medicare until you retire and stop actively working.

If you work for a smaller company with fewer than 20 employees, you must sign up for Medicare as soon as you are eligible. With small companies, Medicare is the primary payer. If you don’t sign up and stick with your group plan, the group plan can refuse to pay your claims. Even worse, when you do finally sign up for Medicare, you’ll be faced with late enrollment penalties.

How do I sign up for Medicare while working?

Your initial enrollment period starts three months before the month you turn 65 and extends three months after your birthday month. During that seven-month period, you can sign up for Medicare.

  • Medicare Part A: If you qualify for premium-free Part A (most people do), it’s a good idea to enroll at 65 even if you are still working. It can supplement your hospital coverage through your group insurance at your employer and won’t cost you a thing. One thing to consider: once you get Part A (or any part of Medicare), you can no longer contribute to your health savings account (HSA). You may want to delay Part A if you have an HSA and want to continue contributing to it.

  • Medicare Part B: You can add Part B during your 8-month special enrollment period after you leave your job.

  • You can also enroll in a Part D prescription drug plan even if you don’t enroll in Part B of Medicare while working.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP: Our staff at I Know Medicare works with clients in Winchester, VA, and Martinsburg, WV. Our goal is to help you understand your healthcare options and help you to choose the best plan for your unique situation. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation appointment to review all the options available to you.

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