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Welcome to our Medicare blog

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Welcome to our new Medicare Blog . The purpose of this page is to educate our clients and the community about medicare and introducing different paths to obtain medicare coverage. As Independent Insurance Agents, we are appointed by all of the major insurance carriers in our market. This means we can offer you many options and find the best plan that fits your individual situation. We pride ourselves in communicating with our clients year after year making sure they are aware of any changes to medicare and their medicare plans.

An introduction to our team:

Brian Barto: Brian is the founder and owner of our specialty insurance agency. We focus almost exclusively on Medicare Insurance products. Brian is passionate about continually learning more about the insurance industry. He is always looking for new creative strategies to help his clients find the best insurance coverage.

Naghmeh Yazdzad: Naghmeh has been working as an insurance agent since 2015 with Brian and his wonderful team of insurance experts. She is always up to a challenge whatever the situation is. Helping her insurance clients find the best coverage that suits their health care needs and budget has always been her number one priority.

.Anthony Ewing: Anthony, independent insurance agent and tax professional with Liberty Tax, is the latest addition to our team of medicare specialists. Anthony is a lifelong learner; constantly seeking to improve his knowledge by learning from the industry's top professionals. His top priority is finding new cutting edge strategies or researching new product offerings that will create value for his clients. His devotion to clients and the profession is unmatched.

Brian, Naghmeh and Anthony also work as Tax professionals from our six Liberty Tax locations in Winchester, VA, Strasburg, VA, Martinsburg, WV, and Charles Town, WV. In addition to tax preparation, Brian as an Enrolled Agent, is enrolled to represent any taxpayer in front of the IRS. As owner and founder of Tax Debt Resolution Services of Winchester, VA, he helps his clients find creative ways to resolve their IRS debts and get on a path to financial freedom.

During the Annual Enrollment period, Which runs from October 15 - Dec 7 each year, our team of insurance experts staff several medicare kiosks in our area Walmart Stores.

Come and meet us this year at Martinsburg, WV Walmart Store (on Foxcroft Ave), the Stephens City, VA Walmart Store, or the Winchester, VA Walmart store (Pleasant Valley Rd) to talk about your new available medicare coverage options for 2021.

As independent insurance agents, we are able to navigate through several different insurance carriers and offer you the best plan suitable to your needs and budget.

As discussed earlier, the main purpose of our medicare blogs is to educate you about medicare. We will discuss different topics on medicare subject in the next coming blogs..Have any questions? We are here to help . Call us today at (540) 877- 5846 to speak with Brian or one of our Insurance agents or visit our website to obtain more

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