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As your RSSA, Brian will create a personalized Social Security analysis plan tailored to you and your unique circumstances and specific retirement goals.
Whether you are single, married, divorced, widowed, disabled, self-employed, have a child with a disability, have a pension, or are an immigrant , We can support you.

What is included in a Social Security plan?


  • Your Personalized Social Security analysis plan will showcase your claiming strategy options and specify the strategies that maximize your benefits.​

  • An understanding of the Social Security benefits (retirement, spousal, survivor, etc.) you are eligible to collect and the impact of certain circumstances. ​

  • A comparison of claiming options and the future earnings and longevity impacts Strategies to get the most money and avoid reduced benefits​.

  • Information on eligibility dates, timing, and when and how to apply for benefits.

  • We will be available for continuous support. 

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